Do you want a supercharge?

Mental Skills: 

There's a lot more to excellence than how you move in a pool. Your mindset determines how much you get out of practice and competition. Chris DeSantis has a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania- the scientific study of human excellence and flourishing. Chris is the first and only coach in swimming to get this degree, and has spent the past eight years innovating the application of this science to coaching.  

One-on-one swimming technique: 

Serious swimmers know that technical skills makes all the difference. Chris DeSantis has coached at the Division 1 (Penn and Georgia Tech), NCAA level. His swimmers have qualified for European, World Championship and Olympic competition. He has served on Denmark's national and junior national team coaching staff. Whether in person or over the internet, you can get pinpoint technical feedback and workouts to reinforce those improvements.

PErsonalized Workouts

Race pace training is at the forefront of modern swimming. There are a lot of imposters out there, but Chris DeSantis has spent years reading the research behind it and keeping up to date on new developments. You can get personalized workouts that deliver incredibly efficient results. You can get improvement with less time in the water and a better life out of it and keep the sport fun.  



Eric C, (Coached for four years) :

I came to Chris with a bag full of lofty expectations for myself. After a freshman year where I changed majors twice and lost a merit scholarship as a result of poor academic performance; and a sophomore year where I thought that I would never final at conference championships ever again. After all of this, I was eventually able qualify for the NCAA championships in an individual event in what was supposed to be the final swim of my career - a far cry from my prior performance. Chris was an instrumental part of my pivot towards success inside and outside the pool.

Chris's acknowledgement of my entire identity was his most significant act as a coach. When inconsistency shook the foundations of my confidence, Chris looked beyond my performance and dredged the problems that were plaguing me outside of the pool. By giving me the space and support that I needed to excel in my own life, Chris coached me into athletic accomplishment as a secondary effect of my self actualization.

Defying traditional coaching principles, Chris led me through a practice plan that prioritized my mental and physical health above all else. This plan included a schedule that eliminated or altered traditionally unquestioned methods, which resulted in me swimming less hours. These fewer hours in the pool were more focused, and addressed my personal needs as an athlete.

Chris constantly innovates. His pragmatic outlook on athletics helped him look beyond the textbook and empowered him to make game-changing coaching decisions. Noticeably, this mentality transcended the pool and into his personality. If I ever had an issue in school or in my personal life, he would address it thoughtfully, without reliance on a playbook of coaching platitudes in order to communicate or foster my growth as a person.

Chris might not be my day-to-day coach, but his principles remain. In my professional life, I approach complexity that I encounter as a designer with a pragmatism that leaves simplicity and clarity in my wake. The confidence that he exuded in his decision-making is something that I seek to emulate everyday

Emilie F (Coached for two years):

Chris’ had an innovative ways of coaching was just one example of how he taught me a new aspect of swimming. Every race specific detail was trained to perfection every day.

Chris always brought a positive mindset to practice. This was extremely motivating and stimulating. Swimmers enjoyed coming to practice everyday and putting effort in the work.

Chris cared for each swimmer is something that has made a big impression on me. He engaged in every swimmer’s improvement and on top of that it was important for him to support the swimmers in their everyday life. For example he encouraged me to participate in social events when I first started in high school. He believed that for a swimmer to be successful in sports, they should also have a well-functional everyday life.

Chris taught me to take individual responsibility for my own development. I developed a new maturity. I learned to make my own judgements of what is important and what’s not. This was a time in my life where I grew as a person.

Chris has a great eye for details. Starts and turns were something that I especially improved during my time with Chris.

Chris taught me to believe in myself, my capability in swimming and exceed what I thought were my limits. When I made my comeback in International swimming (qualifying for Nordic Junior Championships and later on that season qualifying for European Junior Championships) I remember him saying: “You are still just figuring out what you are capable of.” I think that this specific sentence is something that I will always remember.

Alex M, (Coached for one year):

I really enjoyed the way he works on perfecting technical aspects such as starts, turns, and underwater swimming. Not many coaches spend as much time as necessary on polishing this skills and we did it with Chris.

It seems simple but it's not. Chris taught me to interrupt bad patterns in my bad training and replace it with new ones. Most coaches have a program to follow and they can't be bother to adjusted it in order to adapt it to every swimmers’ requirement. This is one of the many things that made Chris' coaching great. He adjusts everything to each one’s requirements and needs and due to that each swimmer was able to achieve their best.

Chris' focus on the psychological side when it comes to training or competing. It was especially crucial for the young athletes he was coaching. Although he coached me when I was an adult, I wish I had a coach like him when I was going through high school. He showed basic values to the swimmers: how to listen, learn, work together and play off others' strengths. This proved to me that he is someone that cares a bout the “people" and not just the “athletes”.

Chris takes sport to the next level. He will not only teach you how to swim faster but how to improve your swimming while making you a better person.

Everyday, I approach practice the way I learned while swimming with Chris: “I swim because this is what I love so I will do it the best I can”. At the same time, for me, swimming is no longer an individual sport so I really try to build a strong net between the members of the team where I swim.


A Safe, Fun Environment to Learn

I am personally committed to providing a safe and fun environment for everyone that participates in any Chris DeSantis Coaching activity. Within the sport of swimming, I have advocated since 2010 for victims of abuse to the highest levels. If you follow my blog and podcast, you can keep up to date on that work as it is ongoing.

To that end, here are the policies that you can expect from Chris DeSantis Coaching:

  1. I will never work with an athlete in an environment that is not easily observable. If coaching at a pool, this means a parent or parents can and should observe my coaching. If I come to work in your home, I will work in a living space (office, family room, kitchen) with an open door. 
  2. All communications outside of normal meeting times will take place over the phone or via e-mail, with parents shared on electronic communication in the case of minors. I will not interact or communicate with minors using social media (twitter, facebook, etc)