Podcast Preview: Lee Sommers

This coming Thursday morning, I will be interviewing Lee Sommers for the podcast. I got put in touch with Lee through a previous guest (and friend) of the podcast, Caroline Miller.

Sommers is a trainer and coach who works day to day with both Nations Capital Aquatic Club’s Georgetown site as well as Rockville Montgomery Swim Club. He also trained and continues to provide support to a certain female swimmer who may be slightly better than her peers.

Sommers and I talked and I immediately had to confess that my knowledge of what i don’t know when it comes to dryland, strength and conditioning or whatever you may call it, is so extensive that I have shied away from doing much in the teams I coach.

I asked him what challenges he sees implementing programs at both the High School and College level, and we’ll talk about the answers to both of those on the podcast. He also has some advice about how a swim coach at the local level can engage a trainer to improve their dryland.

Of course, we will discuss Ledecky and other elite athletes, what he’s learned about swimmers in general and more.

Have a question for me to pose in the podcast? Hit the contact link and send me a message and I may just include it.