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Virginia Should Hire Stefanie Moreno

For the second time in four years, the University of Virginia finds itself without a head coach. Their previous boss man, Augie Busch, is leaving to coach the program his father led to a national championship. Swimswam commenters do not seem terribly positive about Busch, to say the least. 

I'm not here to join that flame war. Let's talk about something positive. Who should UVA hire to replace the departing Busch. They should hire Stefanie Moreno! If you're asking who that is, it is possible that you know her by her maiden name, Williams.

Let's review some reasons why Moreno would do a great job coaching in Charlottesville:

1. Her debut at Missouri: Moreno began her college coaching career at Missouri. Look, what I'm about to say addresses a perception that is completely unfair, but as long as it's out there, we might as well address it. She established that she could coach both men and women on a combined program.

Actually, it's probably fair to ask whether all coaches that will coach combined teams can coach both men and women, it's just that the question is most frequently posed in relation to women coaching men, as if all women coaches have to get an imaginary "can coach men" certification to proceed. But I digress

Missouri athletes from that era. have told me how well Moreno stepped right in and established herself as a leader on their team

2. Setting a new course for Ohio State- Moreno was tabbed to help Bill Dorenkott take over the Ohio State women's program in 2008. The program was far from where it is today, finishing 8th at the 2009 Big Ten Championships, Moreno's and Dorenkott's first year.

By the next year, they would move up to 5th. The year after that? 3rd and a 17th place finish at the NCAAs. Moving from 8th to 3rd in a competitive conference in a couple years is no small feat, which, along with her alumni connections, is probably what drew her back to...

3. Help begin a new era of dominance for Georgia- Great results, especially for women, are easy to pass over at Georgia. But even by Bulldog standards, Moreno's time in Athens has been exceptional. Georgia has won three out of five NCAA Championships during her time.

But the UGA men have also improved greatly since Moreno arrived, culminating with their huge presence on the recently selected World Championship team. 

Moreno has paid her dues, now it's time for her to take the reins of a program of her own. If UVA has a "search committee" or is doing a "national search" this is exactly where they should look.

Stefanie Moreno for UVA Coach 2017!

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