Sarah Ehekircher on Fishers and More

Sarah Ehekircher comes back to update on her own saga for justice against her former coach, before we pivot to a discussion of what happened last month in Fishers, Indiana and the fallout from a group of administrators abdicating their responsibility.

We finish by getting a little fired up as we usually do about broader topics concerning creating a safe environment for kids in sport.

Trever Gray on High School, PAC-12s and Oregon St

The Swim Brief returns with Trever Gray to talk about a smorgasbord of topics. First Trever and I get to the follow up on our respective high school seasons before turning to the big meet, PAC-12s, that we got to watch this past weekend.

Finally we talk about the recent decision made to cut Oregon State’s program that I have already shared some personal feelings on.

Cultural Knowledge, Richard Foster and More

Today I'm joined by Sarah Ehekircher and for the first time, Dia Rianda. We talk through how cultural knowledge, often damaging, is handed down from coach to coach, and work through a few examples we have seen.

Later on, Dia helps us understand the latest news about Richard Foster, and I rant a bit about the piece I wrote on Dick Shoulberg yesterday:

Chris, Sarah and Eva: The Senate Hearings

A few weeks back I teamed up for a podcast with Sarah Ehekircher and Eva Rodansky. This time, we got to talking about the Senate hearings with Olympic sports leaders.

Eva was there and a part of some pretty compelling events outside of the hearing. Sarah watched from home. We talk about whether there is true progress and momentum.

Just one note: this was recorded last Friday, and there is a discussion about the independence of Safe Sport vis-a-vis banning coaches that USA Swimming failed to ban. Later on in the day, Sean Hutchison was banned, which is an interesting test case for this. Although, Sean had already been very prominently exposed and USA Swimming has already admitted some wrongdoing in the way they handled the investigation, specifically with the termination of Susan Woessner.

Also we talked a bit about a rumor that Hutchison had fled the country. News reports quote his lawyers as saying he is still stateside.

Chris and Sarah (7)

Sarah Ehekircher joins me once again for a podcast about the overwhelming amount of things going on in the sport of swimming, and beyond. We talk about reporting, or lack thereof, on the recently added names to Safe Sport's publicly searchable database.

From there we jump to comment moderation, I go on a rant about Brent Rutemiller, and finally I make an appeal to all the people fired up about the WADA/RUSADA mess to team up.

Take Me To the Clinic With Nico Messer

Today a podcast I promised earlier week with everybody's favorite Swiss Swim coach Nico Messer. Nico has been all around the US for the second year in a row and we talk about what he's learned on his trip, but also get in deep with some listener questions about swimming clinics and continuing education.

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Chris, Sarah and Eva

Today a three person pod with both Sarah Ehekircher and Eva Rodansky.

Sarah you should know from my her numerous recent appearances. Eva is a new face- someone that Sarah and I both have started to get to know. She tells some of her story of coming up in the speed skating world when it was in the grips of the infamous Michael Crow.

We talk about the recent Sports Illustrated article that came out on the Lopez Brothers, as well as the recent resignation of Kerry Perry from gymnastics. Finally, we have advice for National Governing Bodies if they want to stop repeating the vicious cycle they are in. Enjoy. 

Here is a way to catch up with some of Eva's story.

After posting, Eva did want to let me and everyone else know that she endorses the "Darkness to Light" training that is also endorsed by Champion Women and Aly Raisman.

Telling The Truth with Sarah Ehekircher

Today on the Swim Brief I am joined once again by Sarah Ehekircher. We talk all things related to the abuse in sports, hitting some of the big topics that have been in the news these past few weeks.

Just a preface before you listen- Sarah is someone that I met several months ago. She was sexually abused by her swim coach and I really value having her voice on this podcast. If we're ever going to truly move forward with this problem, I think we need to continue listening to people like Sarah. 

Swim Viking: Race Pace and Michael Andrew

Today on the Swim Brief I welcome back for the second time Shawn Klosterman. We talk about race pace, and what led him to partner with Strive Swim to create an app to track practice performance. We also get into Michael Andrew and his breakout senior summer. 

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Bob Bowman, Texts and Secrets

This week, Sarah Ehekircher joins me to discuss Bob Bowman in the wake of Scott Reid's reporting that Bowman sent "aggressive" text messages (along with his friend Sean Hutchison) to Caroline Burckle in 2011. We also talk about what wasn't included in the reporting- the actual content of the texts.

Sarah and I get into a lot of the nuance, including Bowman's statement and what USA Swimming had to say on the matter. We also respond to some of the lines of attack that have been used to attack Burckle since she came forward.

All About Emphathy

This week, another solo-cast where I talk about Empathy. I get into several of the false definitions of empathy that I see out there, as well as some talk about practicing empathy inwardly as well as outwardly. In the end, I think empathy is only going to become more important as a skill for both coaches, athletes and people in the future:

#Skillskill with David Rodriguez

This week, we return to our normal schedule and interview somebody very close by. David Rodriguez is the head coach of Asphalt Green Unified Aquatics, also known as AGUA, a club that operates on the island of Manhattan.

David and I talk about his journey and some of the bumps along the way, as well as the #skillskill, having no morning practice during the school year and the other unique aspects of running a big team in the biggest city. Enjoy. 

What A National Board of Review Is Like

The National Board of Review. This is the process that USA Swimming has used to adjudicate complaints of sexual abuse that they receive. It's a process that most USA Swimming members know next to nothing about.

In this podcast, Sarah Ehekircher and I discuss her NBOR in 2010, what motivated her to start the process, and the nasty surprises she found when the kangaroo court was actually convened:

Stand Up For What's Right

Today I talk to Dirk Marshal. Dirk was an accomplished swimmer in his day who has taken a different route to starting a unique kind of team. We talk about his club, the Bridge Bats and how he came to form it the way he did.

Later we discuss Sarah Ehekircher and how we've both come to know her and join Sarah's posse. Dirk shares a really good argument on how we can stand up for what's right in swimming. Enjoy.

Hiring Season With Nico Messer

This week a special hiring season podcast with friend of the brief Nico Messer. Nico has been on a lot of the episodes since the pod started back up again, and it's great to have him back once more.

We talk about the season from both the perspective of someone doing the hiring and someone looking for a job. We tell you everything we've learned from getting jobs, and not getting them. Enjoy. 

NCAA Bonus Pod With Mark Hill

Bonus pod! Today I try to extend the excitement of NCAAs by talking with a coach at the hottest team in college swimming, Indiana University. Mark Hill joined the Hoosiers before the start of this college year. He had previously won a men's NCAA title as part of Michigan's squad in 2013.

We talk about the crazy, amazing spectacle that NCAAs is, what he learned in his year away from college swimming, and I formally ask him if there's still space for me on the IU bandwagon. Enjoy. 

Nancy Hogshead Makar: The State of the Fight

Among the revelations of this podcast: there is reason to believe that Susan Woessner lied when she resigned from USA Swimming about her interactions with Sean Hutchison. Also, a group of swimmers led by Olympic gold medalist Karen Moe Humphreys will be speaking out against abusive coach Paul Bergen. 

The guest is one that I've wanted to have for a long time and is so relevant to everything going on in the swimming world right now. Nancy Hogshead Makar is a former Olympic Champion swimmer. She went on to a law career, where he has dedicated significant time to advocacy work, first for the Women's Sports Foundation, and now as CEO of Champion Women. 

Her most recent accomplishment includes lobbying to push the "Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport" act through congress.

The act was recently signed into law, and Champion Women has a nice cheat sheet for those looking to catch up on what it means.

For more information on Nancy and her work visit Champion Women. You can also read this excellent piece where she tells a lot of her life story here.

Rise, Fall and Rise

Eric Kramer currently coaches the Saskatoon Lasers in Saskatchewan, which I'm told is a real place in a real country (Canada).

Eric's coaching story really hooked me in. We talk about how he had international success with a swimmer very early in his coaching career and how that affected him in ways both good and bad.

We talk about the pivotal moment he had looking into the eyes of his swimmers, and there's a lot of learning and honesty along the journey. Enjoy:

The Unicorn

Today's conversation takes us to somebody that I have been a fan of from afar for many years: Janelle Atkinson. Janelle is currently the head coach of the recently restarted program at Stony Brook.

Janelle talks me through her life story, from her early days in Jamaica, to the decision to come over to America for high school and college, and paying her dues in the coaching ranks. We also talk about some of the challenges and frustrations that come with being a person of color and a single mom in high level college athletics, and how she's overcome that. Enjoy.

The podcast was also sponsored this week by Swimnerd Pace Clocks. Check them out. 

Craig Lord on Swimming Governance and Journalism

Craig Lord is the preeminent journalist in the sport of swimming. He has been writing about swimming since 1989, attending countless major international championship meets, speaking out doping in the sport from the very beginning, and generally being unafraid to speak his mind.  Craig is currently the editor and writer for Swimvortex. He also writes for the Times of London and the Sunday Times.

We talked for so long that I had to split the podcast into two parts. In part one, Craig and I dive right in to discuss how he came to be a "swimming" journalist as well as what he's seen change over the course of his career covering swimming from the media side. Then we turn to discuss the IOC's recent decision to ban Russia from the Winter Games and what the state of governance at all levels that affect swimming. Enjoy and watch for part 2 this upcoming Friday.