Podcast Preview: Introducing Nerd Alert

By tomorrow, I'm going to have a new running series of podcasts coming out. The title "Nerd Alert", while not highly creative, is there to say very succinctly what these podcasts will be all about.

I have made friends through the process of making this site that are voracious about the way they keep up with science that relates to the work of coaching. They send me an almost overwhelming amount of studies or research they've done themselves.

I have a few goals for what I want to do with that information. First, I want to share it with more people. It's goods tuff, and I'd to promote discussions around it and have this site become a resource for this information.

To that end, probably the most productive thing you can do with "science" is to actually bring it into our real worlds. So my guests and I are going to have a substantial discussion on the specific topic they've brought to the table. What can this mean about the assumptions we have had to this point about the best way to coach?

Finally, I must admit to being totally vain, and having people on who are collecting this stuff only benefits me and forces me to do the work of engaging with this knowledge. I also want people to get to know the people who are giving me that knowledge.

To that end, let me introduce the first two guests on "Nerd Alert": Trever Gray and Charles Bachand.

Charles needs little introduction to listeners of the pod, coming fiery out of the gate with his appearance two weeks ago to discuss Stockholm Syndrome in Sports. This week, he's got some interesting data that relates to coaches and ethical standards.

Trever Gray is someone I've been in conversation with for the past year or so. He's just finished his Masters- and I'll tease that because he's actually going to discuss his thesis on the pod. He's a swim coach with an appetite for knowledge like I've never seen, and i'm excited for everyone to hear him and get to know him as I have.

For now, the "Nerd Alert" will stay on the Swim Brief feed. If for some reason it becomes so big that it needs its own feed, I'll put it there. There may be additional podcast developments in the coming weeks, so sit tight and enjoy the ride!