Making Up For a Blunder

On Monday, I announced the recent, quite dramatic events going on with this blog. In that post, I made a couple of serious mistakes.

The first is that I got a bunch of people buzzing about supporting what I was doing, and didn't give them somewhere to go. Let me fix that first. You can go here to start supporting this page right away.

As I wrote on Monday, there are no special benefits at the moment to supporting. However, that doesn't mean there won't be in the future, and if you have ideas you know where to find me. I won't consider any that give someone else editorial control over what I say or do in these posts or podcasts.

So again, go here to begin supporting this page today.

The Second Mistake

The other thing I got wrong, which I sort of admitted on Monday, was trying to straddle a line on the issue of abuse and abuse culture in swimming/sports. I thought I could tone it down a bit and that it might help me get a little further with my business.

That was dumb, so I don't plan to straddle the line anymore. In the coming weeks, I plan to do more podcasts with Sarah Ehekircher where we discuss the never ending stream of stuff that is going on in that space, and especially what is not happening.

The first podcast of that kind was where we discussed the Bob Bowman texts that seemingly have gone nowhere. 

You can also expect that we will bring on some guests to give even more perspective on the wide ranging issue. 

You can also expect to continue to get content like the nerd alert podcasts I've been doing with Trever Gray. Tomorrow I will have a pod with Shawn Klosterman, aka the Screaming Viking, aka that crazy guy in Missouri who built an app for tracking your race pace training.

So if you truly like to train race pace look forward to that. I'm certainly hoping that Shawn has some technology that will change my life.

Finally, one more plug, you can now support the work going on in this space here. Share it with people you love!