Mark Schubert Update: Still Bad

Mark Schubert. He just can't help himself- he keeps doing bad stuff! Since I last wrote about him, he's completed quite a trifecta of Schubert-ian actions.

Where should we begin? Earlier this month, Dagny Knutson got her $617,800 judgment against her former attorney, Richard Foster, reinstated. Schubert managed to insert himself into this conflict in two crucial, despicable ways.

First, he played a big role in convincing Knutson to forego her amateur status and go be a pro at the Fullerton pro team coached by Sean Hutchison. The team folded within a year and the move to go pro was an outright disaster for Knutson.

To top it off, he actually testified against Knutson in the Foster case. Because anytime you can side with a double-dealing attorney over a former national team athlete, you've got to do it.

Second, Schubert was due to speak at next week's International Swim Coaches Association conference. You may remember that ISCA is the same organization that put him in their Hall of Fame a year ago. However, in recent weeks, Schubert has disappeared from any advertisement for the clinic.

Concurrent to Schubert dropping out, Irvin Muchnick at Concussioninc discovered that an anti-abuse group, The Monique Burr Foundation for children, had pulled out from speaking at ISCA after being notified of Schubert's involvement.

Finally, Schubert spent this past week standing proudly on deck coaching...China.

Actually, China and Schubert are kind of a match made in heaven: they both wear the unethical pursuit of glory quite comfortably. Here are a few choice quotes from the above article:

"I think they've really made an effort to clean up" (in regards to China and their history of state-sponsored doping.)

"You know there is some pretty good money involved,"

Fantastic! Schubert also references training top Chinese athletes alongside Mission Viejo's youth athletes. 

This has been a Mark Schubert update: still bad.