Podcast Preview: Dirk Marshall

Today I’m recording a podcast for the second time with Dirk Marshall, the head coach and part owner of Bridge Bats Swim Club. Earlier I talked with Marshall about some of his own, pretty different, ideas about how to run a swim team and the origin of the Bridge Bats.

This time we’ll be talking about how our paths crossed a year ago, when we both had the chance to hang around and watch as Grand Canyon University embarked on their first Division 1 season.

Out of that meeting came a partnership that has seen me travel to Houston four times to work with the Bridge Bats.

I’ll be asking Dirk what kind of expectations he had about Positive Psychology going into our partnership, and what the reality has been. We’ll also discuss the different work of talking to kids, coaches and parents on a team.

I’ll ask him what has been valuable to him, and what kinds of conversations have happened on his team downstream as a result of the our meetings.

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