Podcast Preview: Sports Agent and Sales Expert Cejih Yung

First off, thank you to all of you who have reached out to me over the last few weeks regarding my podcast, The Swim Brief. Thank you also for your patience, as a summer vacation and some time setting up the next year of Chris DeSantis coaching has caused a little interruption in the regularity.

The podcast is coming back with a roar. I just finished recording a pod that will go up on Tuesday, August 20th that I’m really excited about. I spoke with Cejih Yung, and without spoiling it too much, there’s a lot in there for anyone who works in swimming and wants to make a living.

Cejih’s path to where he is today is a lesson in lateral thinking and the willingness to take more than one leap. He’s also just got an obvious passion for the sport and athletes that he works for.

I got connected to Cejih through frequent Swim Brief guest (and 2019 People Magazine’s Sexiest Swim Coach Alive) Trever Gray. Although Cejih lacked Trever’s rugged masculinity, he was still an awesome hang, in fact so good that towards the end we tease a topic for a future podcast.

Once again thank you to all and get excited for what’s coming on the Swim Brief.