Positive Psychology

Ryan Wochomurka

Today a long awaited chat with the University of Houston head coach Ryan Wochomurka

Ryan is building something in Houston after being a part of the incredible development of the University of Louisville. We talk about his journey in coaching to get to this point, as well as the spirit that makes Houston such an exciting place to live and work.

From there we look to the future to see what he and his team are doing to, in their words, "elevate" the program, and the project we're working to make that a reality. Enjoy. 

Solocast: Learned Optimism

The topic of this week's Swim Brief is one that I have spent a good deal of time talking to coaches, swimmers and parents about around the country. 

Optimism: what is it? What is it not? How can you use that definition to enhance what you do as a coach, based on what i've learned from studying Positive Psychology and coaching. Enjoy:

Mental Health Deep Dive


This week I talk with someone who's doing some work that I really admire, and I wanted to hear more about it. Emily Klueh is a former national teamer who has gone into the field of mental health and sports performance at the University of Michigan and the attached USA Swimming team, Club Wolverine.

I dig deep on the kind of innovative work she's doing both with college students and younger kids, how to navigate some of this stuff as a coach and even some of the Positive Psychology she is incorporating. I recorded this podcast with Emily right before the holiday season. Enjoy.

Rules for Adulting

This week Sherri Fisher takes us outside of the swimming bubble and we talk about words like "smart" and "talented" and how they actually play out educational and athletic environments. Sherri has some really cool rules for how to get people who have not been marked as "talented" to really up their game. We also talk about the flip side: kids that have been marked as capable but aren't "performing" up to expectations

For those of you who want to learn more about Sherri and what she does, go to http://www.learnandflourish.com/. If you want to check out her journal go to positiveedgejournal.com. Check back and I'll let you know when her journal becomes available. 

Getting Grit with Caroline Miller

On the brief this week, Caroline Miller. Caroline is a published author and renowned speaker, with her latest book "Getting Grit"  being named by Live Happy as one of the ten books that will change your life.

Caroline and I go all the way back to the beginning to her experience swimming as a kid and a young woman, and how she re-found the sport fifteen years ago. We talk about some of the growth of Positive Psychology and some of the ways it can be dangerous if you apply knowledge without deeper knowledge of the concepts. Caroline also talks about some really crucial concepts in goal setting, there is so much you can get out of this listen. Enjoy