Shawn Klosterman

Michael Andrew, Keto and Race Pace

The lightning rod of international swimming, Michael Andrew, is going on a ketogenic diet. To discuss this startling development, I brought on keto dieter (and race pace trainer) Shawn Klosterman along with resident nerd Trever Gray to hash it out.

We discussed the synergy between the two, and some of the science behind it (and not behind it):

Ribeye Steaks and 30 Minute Workouts with Shawn Klosterman

This week I talked to one of my best friends on the internet, Shawn Klosterman, about the amazing results he's been able to produce training by himself, eating what many consider an extreme diet, and occasionally donning a full viking outfit before his appearances in finals.

Shawn's story is inspiring for anyone swimming who says to themselves "it's not worth it for me to get in and train today".

Wanna train like Sean?