Trever Gray

Chris, Sarah and Trever

Today I return with Trever Gray and Sarah Ehekircher, to follow up on our podcast of last week. If you want to read more from Trever go here. If you want to hear more from Sarah her blog is here and she’s active on twitter.

Both Trever and Sarah have new research to bring to the fray this week. We turn from there to a discussion of Steve Lochte and Swimswam beginning to report on interim Safe Sport suspensions. Finally. we discuss Steve Penny, the former head of USA Gymnastics, getting arrested this past week and I go on an extended rant about Tom Brokaw. Enjoy.

Nerd Alert: Motivation

This week, Trever Gray returns with a nerd alert, where we discussion motivation. Specifically, we go through Deci and Ryan's well known Self Determination Theory.

Trever's written some blogs on the subject (links below), and it's a great discussion to have in the off-season or as you look to the new year:

Nerd Alert: Deep Breathing and Ethics in Coaching

Yet another new concept this week on the Swim Brief. This week, we're doing something called "NERD ALERT":

On nerd alert, I'll be talking with the kind of nerdy people I talk to every week, only this time we'll be recording it. These are people that are doing the work to test out what might actually help you coach better, and what might not. I bring them on, we have a nice discussion about a topic that brings some of these ideas to the fore.

This week, I'm talking to Charles Bachand and Trever Gray. Charles you may remember from my podcast where we talked about Stockholm Syndrome in sports. This week, he shared with me some of the data he is seeing in regards to ethics and coaching.

Trever Gray is somebody I'm really excited to share with everybody. He is a coach's coach and somebody that, as you'll see, is doing the hard work to get an understanding of how to coach better. He makes me better every week with the stuff he sends me and I am going to start sharing some of that with you. Enjoy