Pro Swim Workouts

Hiring Season With Nico Messer

This week a special hiring season podcast with friend of the brief Nico Messer. Nico has been on a lot of the episodes since the pod started back up again, and it's great to have him back once more.

We talk about the season from both the perspective of someone doing the hiring and someone looking for a job. We tell you everything we've learned from getting jobs, and not getting them. Enjoy. 

Lets Nerd Out About Some Swim Workouts With Nico Messer

This week is the first of many podcasts to come with Nico Messer, where we're going to talk about workouts! NIco runs Professional Swim Workouts, a site where you can share and see other workouts submitted by coaches. You can read more about our partnership here. 

In this opening episode, Nico and I get to introducing ourselves, why we want to have better conversations about swimming, and even tease some of the topics that are coming down the line.