Nico Messer

Take Me To the Clinic With Nico Messer

Today a podcast I promised earlier week with everybody's favorite Swiss Swim coach Nico Messer. Nico has been all around the US for the second year in a row and we talk about what he's learned on his trip, but also get in deep with some listener questions about swimming clinics and continuing education.

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Hiring Season With Nico Messer

This week a special hiring season podcast with friend of the brief Nico Messer. Nico has been on a lot of the episodes since the pod started back up again, and it's great to have him back once more.

We talk about the season from both the perspective of someone doing the hiring and someone looking for a job. We tell you everything we've learned from getting jobs, and not getting them. Enjoy. 

Giving Thanks for Short Intervals

Putting out the podcast early this week for everybody traveling. This week's guest is Nico Messer. Nico and I talked about longer interval training a few weeks back.

Today we tackle shorter intervals and all the stuff associated with it, whether it's speed work or USRPT.

We also discuss Nico's Thanksgiving plans, how to avoid talking politics with your right wing uncle (Jay Chambers) and how rec swimmers in Switzerland react to a few seconds delay. Also enjoy a cameo from my landlord and a plumber trying to fix the heat in my apartment.

Professionalism, Hiring and Welcoming Criticism with Kathleen Klein Prindle

In a far reaching conversation with Kathleen Klein Prindle, Nico Messer and I got a lot of answers from the head coach of Performance Aquatics and Vice President of the American Swim Coaches Association. 

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Lets Nerd Out About Some Swim Workouts With Nico Messer

This week is the first of many podcasts to come with Nico Messer, where we're going to talk about workouts! NIco runs Professional Swim Workouts, a site where you can share and see other workouts submitted by coaches. You can read more about our partnership here. 

In this opening episode, Nico and I get to introducing ourselves, why we want to have better conversations about swimming, and even tease some of the topics that are coming down the line.